Capturing the essence of my subjects is my passion. Intimacy. Emotion. Intensity. Authenticity.

These are some of the words my clients use to describe my approach to photographing commercial work, portraits and theatre productions.

To develop compelling images, I build creative and collaborative relationships with my clients and subjects. We plan, plan, plan for exceptional results. The difference between a good photograph and a great one comes from the nuance of knowing how to anticipate the tiny unscripted moments. It's not just the lighting and the composition of the photograph that will make it great, it's the split-second timing of capturing the spontaneous expression.

  • Based in San Francisco Bay Area (specifically South Bay)

  • Specialist in public relations, commercial, theatre, events & portraiture photography

  • Deadline savvy (former journalist)

  • Proven ability to meticulously plan and then allow flow to "capture the authentic moment"

  • Trust me to "see" for you and my clients say you'll love my perspective!

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